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Sr.No. Name of Item Charges

A. Saving & Current Account

1. Minimium balance required -S.B

Rs.1000/- Rs.50/- per month be deducted if the balance is maintained less than Rs.1000/-

2. Minimium balance required -CA

Rs.10000/- Rs.100/- per transaction be deducted if the balance is maintained less than Rs.10000/-

3. Ledger Folio Charges -CA

I) Ledger folio charges @ Rs. 75/- per page to be charged on quarterly basis
II) Free folio allowed p.p based on average credit balance as

Average credit balance (Rs.)Free Folios
Up to Rs. 1.00 lacNo free folio
Above Rs. 1.00 lacAll Free
For a/cs maintained on computers, 25 entries or part thereof to be treated as one ledger page
4. Ledger Folio Charges -S.B.

For SB A/Cs No folio charges-However not more than 50 Debits per half year should be allowed in SB Accounts and in case the number of debit exceeds 50 a service charge of Rs. 15/- per debit exceeding 50 debits be charged. The transactions of Standing Institution be excluded. Transactions charges to be recovered on half yearly basis

5. Issue of MICR Cheque- SB

20 leaves will be free in a financial year and subsequent cheque book Rs. 4/- per cheque leaf

6. Issue of MICR Cheque- CA

Rs.5.00/- per cheque leaf will be charged. The customer maintaining the average monthly credit balance of Rs. 5.00 lacs upto Rs. 10.00 lac in a financial year will be given 50 leaves free in the financial year and for monthly average credit balance for Rs. 10.00 lacs and above 100 leaves will be given free in a financial year.

7. Issue of Pass Book

No charges

8. Duplicate Pass Book


9. Statement of Accounts

Rs.20/- per statement per page for individuals & free to institution once in a month .

10. Stop payment charges

Rs.50/- per instrument

10. Account closure before 12 months ( A/c transfer not included)

S.B. Rs.100/-
C/A Rs.250/-

11. Cheque returned charges

Rs.50/- per cheque

12. Signature verification/ attestation

Rs.50/- per form

13. Issuance of duplicate interest certificate/balance certificate.

Rs.50/- per certificate

14. Guarantee against term deposit

Rs.2% p.a. of guarantee amount

B. Remittance facility

1. Pay order/Bankerӳ Cheque

a)Upto Rs.10,000/- Rs.25/-
b) Rs.10001/- to 1.00 lac Rs.2/- per thousand with minimum of Rs.40/-
c) Above Rs.1.00 lac Rs.1/- per thousand with minimum of Rs.200/-

2. Issuance of Drafts

a)Upto Rs.10000/- Rs.35/-
b)Rs.10001/- to 1.00 lac Rs.2/- per thousand subject to minimum of Rs.40/-
c) Above Rs.1.00 lac Rs.2.50 per thousand with minimum of Rs.300/-

3. Revalidation/cancellation & Issuance of duplicate pay order/drafts

Rs.75/- per instrument

C. Bill for Collection ( Outgoing)

A Upto Rs.10,000/- Rs.50/- per instrument
B Rs.10001 to 1,00,000/- Rs.100/- per instrument
C Rs.1,00,001 & above Rs.150/- per instrument.

1)Above charges are all inclusive (No Courier Charges out of pocket expenses).
2) These charges are applicable only to transaction originated payable within India ( above proposed rates are based on RBI circular No.DPSS. Co. 611 /3.01.03(P) /2008-09 dated 8.10.2008

D. Bill for collection ( Incoming)


i) As above No.Ճԍ
ii) Bank shall not charge if the collection is made under Haryana Mutual Arrangement Scheme & All India Mutual Arrangement Scheme from member banks.

E. Locker Charges

Category and Size of locker Rent + Serice Tax Per Annum
A(800 Sq")850/-
B(1000 Sq")1000/-
C(1200 Sq")1200/-
D(1400 Sq")1500/-
E(2000 Sq")1800/-
F(3000 Sq")2000/-
G(4000 Sq")3500/-
H(Above 4000 Sq")5500/-
Download Notification Service Charges w.e.f. 01.09.2017

F. Exemption for valued customers.


I) Bank will provide Free Draft, Pay order/Transfer facilities to Societies/Institutions in their name/ affiliated with their institutions/societies situated in the State of Haryana.
II) The designated officers may extend the facilities of Demand Drafts and pay orders to the valued customers as authorized below:-

Sr.No. Designation Designation During per day
1. A.M.(B) Rs.100/- One
2. Br.Mgr Rs.200/- Two
3. Manager(B) Rs.300/- Two
4. DGM(B) Rs.500/- Two
5. G.M.(B) Rs.1000/- Two
6. M.D. Full power Full power

Provided further that one customer shall not be extended this facility of drafts/pay order charges more than once in a month.

G. For Bank employee staff


i) Two draft/pay order facilities shall be allowed without charges during the month.
ii) Bills shall be collected at par except postal charges.
ii) Half charges for hiring the locker allowed in ҃ategory Aҍ
iii) Minimum balance in S.B. A/c Rs.100/-. Cheque Book(s) containing cheque leaves upto 50 without charges during a financial year.